In this gloomy-poetic animation, Polish director Piotr Dumala offers us his own interpretation of Fyodor Dostoyevsky ‘s one of the greatest novels, Crime and Punishment .

My movie is like a dream. It is as if someone has read Crime and Punishment and then dreamed it.

The action unfolds only at night, the story is told expressively, without dialogue and with the changing flow of time.

The complex layering of the novel is reduced to several main characters and events: in the Russian city of St. Petersburg, a young man named Raskolnikov is hiding in his gloomy room, ponder over a bloody crime.

The name Dumala gave to his work is „Zbrodnia i Kara“. It took him three years to complete his half-hour masterpiece.

The method used is called „destructive animation“ because every image only exists until it is captured and then destroyed to be replaced by the next, creating the illusion of movement.

In addition to his interesting vision of Dostoevsky ‘s work , Dumala impresses with his vision of the image of Franz Kafka in his 1992 film.

източник: openculture.com