Forty is a most beautiful age for both men and women.

Did you know that in mystic thought forty symbolizes the ascent from one level to a higher one and spiritual awakening?

When we mourn we mourn for forty days.

When a baby is born it takes forty days for him to get ready to start life on earth.

And when we are in love we need to wait for forty days to be sure of our feelings.

The Flood of Noah lasted forty days, and while the waters destroyed life, they also washed all impurity away and enabled human beings to make a new, fresh start.

In Islamic mysticism there are forty degrees between man and God.

Likewise, there are four basic stages of consciousness and ten degrees in each, making forty levels in total.

Jesus went into the wilderness for forty days and nights.

Muhammad was forty years old when he received the call to become a prophet.

Buddha meditated under a linden tree for forty days.

Not to mention the forty rules of Shams.

You receive a new mission at forty, a new lease on life!

You have reached a most auspicious number. Congratulations!

And don’t worry about getting old. There are no wrinkles or gray hair strong enough to defy the power of forty!

The Forty Rules of Love

The Forty Rules of Love is a novel written by Turkish author Elif Shafak. The book was published in March 2009.

It is about Maulana Jalal-Ud-Din, known as Rumi and his companion Shams Tabrizi. This book explains how Shams transformed a scholar into a Sufi (mystic) through love.

More than 750,000 copies of this book were sold in Turkey and France.

„A novel within a novel, The Forty Rules of Love tells two parallel stories that mirror each other across two very different cultures and seven intervening centuries.“

The book presents Shams‘s Forty Love Rules at different intervals. The story presented in the novel is basically on „love and spirituality that explains what it means to follow your heart“.