Martin Lee Gore (born 23 July 1961) is an English songwriter, musician, singer, record producer, remixer, and DJ.

He is one of the founding members of the electronic rock band Depeche Mode and is its primary songwriter.

Gore is the band’s guitarist and keyboardist, contributes backing vocals, and occasionally provides lead vocals.

Gore possesses a tenor singing voice which contrasts with Dave Gahan‘s dramatic baritone and is also known for his flamboyant and sometimes androgynous stage persona. Gore has also released several solo albums and collaborated with former Depeche Mode member Vince Clarke as part of VCMG.

Gore‘s lyrics included themes such as sеx, religion, and politics. He has said he feels lyrical themes which tackle issues related to solitude and loneliness are a better representation of reality, whereas he finds „happy songs“ fake and unrealistic. At the same time, he asserts that the band’s music contains „an element of hope.“

In 1999, Gore received the Ivor Novello Award from the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors for „International Achievement“.


In your room where time stands still
Or moves at your will.
Will you let the morning come soon,
Or will you leave me lying here?

In your favorite darkness,
Your favorite half-light,
Your favorite consciousness,
Your favorite slave.

In your room where souls disappear
Only you exist here.
Will you lead me to your armchair,
Or leave me lying here?

Your favorite innocence,
Your favorite prize,
Your favorite smile,
Your favorite slave.

In your room your burning eyes
Cause flames to arise.
Will you let the fire die down soon,
Or will I always be here?

Your favorite passion,
Your favorite game,
Your favorite mirror,
Your favorite slave.

I’m hanging on your words,
Living on your breath,
Feeling with your skin.
Will I always be here?