Spiritual Front is a five-part neofolk act from Rome.

Its members describe their music as „nihilist suicide pop“, although elements of neoclassical and rock music, melancholic folk, as well as tango are prevalent, along with a recurring experimental feel.

From dark, wailing experimental folk in the beginning, the sound began to transform and grow, to where it is now compared to the work of Nick Cave, Swans, and Scott Walker.

The group’s work has been described as crossing a wide variety of genres and musical styles or traditions, and the band itself is considered highly unique among the modern neofolk and post-industrial scenes in Europe.

The ingenuity and constructiveness of Spiritual Front‘s songs have gained them somewhat of a cult following since their formation in the late 1990s.

The themes of focus in Spiritual Front‘s music vary and are extensive, though most often seem to be either quite personal or introverted, perhaps to lead singer Simone Salvatori‘s own life.

Stories of breaking up with anger at bitter sarcasm and irony, always touched with nihilism and biting humor. 

Although one particular song from their repertoire sounds and feels as if it were specifically written to describe a relationship with a narcissist.

The beautiful piano song’s title is No Forgiveness

Everyone who was ones a victim of a such relationship could find her/himself in this fine poetry:


To forget is to survive
Destroy ourselves for not loving anymore
Will you make my pain revive feeding it with your smile
With a lie to make you come back

Do you want me as me man or want me as a girl?
Then I deceive myself
Let everything remain the same
Let all my work be blamed
And my name mean shame

I’ve been deceived by your kindness
Flattered by your vague promise and desires
Adore the vile who adore us deceived so easily
And Make my heart of stone and resignation

I remain emotionless
Cut my throat while I face our agony
I deceive myself to serve you again

I’ll be far from you all Chased away and blamed
Just ready to be sacrificed
no father to imitate no mother to blame

Naked I implore you to not leave me
You who seat upon on your throne
I will lie next to you like the sacrificial lamb

There’s no forgiveness if you have denied yourself
Even if you are disgusted by me
Your life values more than mine
How could you love me or hate before you have comprehended me?

There’s no forgiveness if you can’t renegade yourself
Oh let everything remain the same

Have you ever felt that way?

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