Now, I’ve always known that there were bullies in the world. We’ve seen a lot of it in politics lately as well as in daily life.

You see it where people who may be stronger, or bigger, or better with verbiage than other folks… show off.

To me, that’s what bullying is, showing off.

It’s saying, I’m better than you, I can take you down. Not just physically, but emotionally.

And for some reason, there seems to be no internal policeman for a bully that says maybe you’re hurting somebody’s feelings.

Or worse, maybe you’re going to push this persons too far and they’ll do something terrible.

Something’s not processing correctly in a bully’s head.

It doesn’t seem to occur to them that what they’re doing is crossing a line that shouldn’t be crossed.

And it’s really, in my mind, no different than taking on defenseless kids. You do it just because you can.

It’s an exercise in power; but it’s also meant to disintegrate someone’s Self.

It’s meant to take away their sense of who they are. And why? Because they’re not as strong, or as bit, or as witty.

Bullies are ball-less, soul-less creatures to me. And they’re not just children, they’re adults too.

It’s a terrorist act.

It’s meant to make you feel afraid. It’s meant to make you feel powerless to take care of the situation you find yourself in.

Is It Just Me?: Or Is It Nuts Out There?

Caryn Elaine Johnson (born November 13, 1955), known professionally as Whoopi Goldberg, is an American actor, comedian, author, and television personality.

A recipient of many awards and honors, she is one of the few entertainers to have won an Emmy Award, a Grammy Award, an Academy Award, and a Tony Award.

Goldberg is an advocate for human rights, moderating a panel at the Alliance of Youth Movements Summit on how social networks can be used to fight violent extremism in 2008, and also moderating a panel at the UN in 2009 on human rights, children and armed conflict, terrorism, human rights, and reconciliation.