Emanuel Angelov is studying fine arts in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. 

His themes and subjects are so diverse that they leave the connoisseurs amazed how rich his inner world is. 

Emanuel himself says:

In my paintings I present a variety of plots. My art has never been a monotonous flow, it always changes. In my early paintings I look for an idealized utopia, I like to transform my fairy-tales and wonderful worlds that I created in myself, and imprint it on my canvas.

Emanuel  Angelov has an attraction to outer space, a vast expanse of dark blue colors that predominate in his paintings, confronted with sparkling warm colors emerging from the shapes themselves, creating a stark contrast to each other.

Many of his paintings are drawn at night, as if the creation at this moment took on another appearance and nuance in an impenetrable space, enveloped in heavenly darkness in which time stops and strange creatures fulfilled its symphony of inspiration and insight.

You can see more of Emanuil on: https://www.instagram.com/emanuil.angelov/ and in FB: Емануил Ангелов