When you are an empath, competitions are not your thing.

No matter how good you are, in any sphere or direction, even if you are a winner, the gold cup in your hands will not weigh more than the disappointment in the eyes of the person or people you have surpassed.

I have seen it more than once – the two semi-finalists stand hand in hand waiting to find out which one will be the winner.

When the name of the winner is heard, if it is self-centered, it is a moment of complete happiness that cannot even be controlled.

However, if he is sensitive and inquisitive, his first reaction is to turn around and hug the man he has defeated with respect and gratitude that he had such a worthy „adversary“.

And happiness, of course, is not perfect, because the emotions he is experiencing at this moment are the emotions of all the humans present, not just his own.

If we are looking for the middle way, you should win with dignity, but do not forget your path and those you met on it. Stay with clean and open heart.

To pat yourself on the back for a job well done, but do not use your victory to create a hierarchy in relationships.

Even if we put it in our everyday relationships, I think that in disputes or family conflicts, one or both of us strive to „win“ the debate … unnecessary.

What do we really gain if we just distance ourselves more and more from the people we claim to love with our victory?

How important is it to get right?

What is the point to be smart, capable and efficient if you end up alone in your perfect, perfect world, in which you have never been able to make the „mistake“ of being more accepting than meticulous and judgmental…

author: Vanessa Videnova